The Young Voices Council, the Children in Care Council for Birmingham hold meetings on a six-weekly basis to give the young people within Swiis a voice. The group have been working together on a PowerPoint presentation on the risks and dangers of social media.

Young people from Swiis Birmingham

For the presentation, each young person was set a task to research different websites to learn more about social media. We gathered the information the young people researched, including the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Marie Dunne, Placement Support Worker said: “I am extremely proud of the work that has been produced. Throughout these meetings the Young Voices have developed a greater knowledge and understanding of the impact that social media has on everyday lives.”

On the 19th of February, the young people presented their findings to Social Workers, Foster Carers, Placement Support Workers and the Administration Staff at the Swiis Birmingham office. Their presentation included talking about social media platforms such as Instagram, and YouTube, plus discussing video gaming. To further discuss social media, our young people split people into three groups to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using social media. The members of the council went around each group to help with the discussions and suggest ideas and talking points.

Marie said: “This group of young people made us extremely proud with the work they have put in to their presentation. They showed great confidence in talking to the groups and helping them discuss the pros and cons of social media. They worked fantastically together as a team, sharing their knowledge with each other.”

The children’s feedback has been very positive. All of the team have mentioned that they thoroughly enjoyed meeting up for these discussions.