Alison, one of our placement support workers, set up a group to allow young people to have a say in how Swiis is run. The group, Vasstel, has been a great success, with young people taking ownership, being open and honest, and making a positive contribution. It has enabled us to continually improve our services by focusing on what’s most important from the perspective of looked after children and young people.

Swiis Yorkshire Vasstel Group

“I am a placement support worker in the Leeds/Yorkshire area. I began a young people’s group in the summer of 2015. The aim was for young people to have a say in Swiis and be a part of what we do. Their ideas and views are extremely important to us as a fostering agency. We feel it’s important that we listen to what they have to say, so we can evaluate everything we do.

The young people named their group and set the rules, responsibilities and consequences. The group thought that having consequences was important to encourage all members to behave in an acceptable manner. The group set up their own reward plan which has been working very well.

Each young person in the group has their own important role. They all aim high, are all leaders with various titles and have recently taken an apprentice on-board.

Our creative designer created the group’s logo. The head of the group then made this logo digital, and we use it across all of the group’s work.

I am very proud of the young people – they have taken ownership and shown leadership. They have done some amazing work and are all so honest regarding their feelings about being in foster care and how we can always try to make it better for others.

They make me feel proud in all that they do.”