Summer holidays are a great time to get outdoors and try new activities – something which we encourage all our young people to do.

Catching the surf in ScarboroughWith this in mind, a group from the Leeds office ventured to Scarborough to participate in their third annual surfing day at Dexters Surf Club. It was made even more fantastic as their registered manager Claire joined them and took part.

For the first part of the session, everyone climbed onto a huge paddleboard and took turns using the paddle. The younger members of the group had to put on life jackets as the two instructors were taking the paddleboard out quite far out.

After that, everyone made a big circle in the sea and sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to two young people who were celebrating their ninth birthdays. What an experience – everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you whilst being in the North Sea – that’s something to remember!

The second part of the session involved pairing up and having turns on a surfboard. Each person had to rescue their partner from the sea onto the surfboard.

After this activity, the group took turns running along the surfboards one by one in the sea. This was great fun and everyone cheered each other on.

The whole session was a fabulous experience and something out of the ordinary. The group, which consisted of various ages, helped each other and all gave it a go. The experience also promoted confidence in the water – everyone was brave enough to put their heads under water. How amazing to be able to go back to school and tell all your friends: ‘I’ve been surfing and paddleboarding out in the North Sea’.

After the session, everyone relaxed with picnics on the beach and birthday cake for the two who were celebrating their birthdays.

Thank you to all those that attended for making the day worthwhile. See you again next time!