It was an early start to get to surf school – we had to be in Scarborough by 9.30am. We all left with the sun shining and a clear blue sky. As we got nearer to Scarborough the lovely blue sky turned grey and by the time we got to Scarborough there were spits of rain.

The sea was displaying big waves, which is excellent conditions for the expert surfers, unlike our group who had arrived, for some a first ever surf lesson. However, the weather and the sea was not going to stop our group of twenty from having such an experience to remember!

Once we were all in our surf suits provide by Dexter’s Surf School and matched up to our surfboards we walked to the other end of the beach, which was the safest place for our lesson to begin. This was a workout in itself as the surfboards were heavy!

There was a mixed range of ages in our group from seven-year-olds to teenagers, as well as adults. Alison (Placement Support Worker) and a couple of our foster carers Denise and Graham joined in too. Everyone else was there to observe, help and encourage.

We had two fantastic surf instructors who taught the group the most important factor of all which was how to keep ourselves safe in the sea and what we must do when we are in the sea today or at any other time when we require help. The group was questioned to make sure we were all listening and understanding. We all had to ensure our feet were touching the sand in the sea at all times.

The group were amazing, they listened and followed all safety rules. A lifeguard was there to observe our group.

As our lesson started the rain began. Following the safety rules, we all ran into the sea as a group to get ourselves fully wet in the sea including our hair. We all held hands and jumped the waves. We soon forgot about the drizzling rain.

During the lesson, we learnt all about a surfboard, how to handle and be safe using a surfboard. There were three sections to the lesson on how to get onto a surfboard and we all got the opportunity at practising in the sea.

The whole experience was truly memorable. Every single person within the group focused, listened, followed the safety rules and helped and supported one another. Obviously, the most exciting part was being in the sea with our surfboards. We certainly all looked the part! The sun came out for us for everybody to enjoy the rest of the day in Scarborough.

I was asked at the end “Please can we do this next year!”

To go back to school and say “I’ve been surfing in the North Sea” is just so amazing.

A big thank you to all the foster carers, children and young people who participated you were all amazing and of course a big Thank you yet again to Dexters Surf School. We will be back next year!

Outcomes met:

  • Staying safe
  • Being healthy
  • Positive contribution
  • Enjoy and Achieve