The Swiisettes took part in the Harrogate (Pretty Muddy) 5K Race for Life On Saturday 9th July. There were 11 of us on the day, and we did really well in supporting one another the whole way around the obstacle course.

The weather forecast was heavy rain, but luckily for us it stayed away from Harrogate the whole day! The event started with a warm up and a spray of pink powder before setting off to complete the course. We managed all the different obstacles, which involved crawling, climbing, bouncing and sliding. We ran and walked in-between the different obstacles, and were squirted with lots of water on our way round.

On one of the obstacles we had to go down a slippery slope into a muddy pond of water. Alison and Claire went first reaching for the hands of the attendants who we thought were there to help us across. We were taken by surprise when they began to nearly drown us in the water and mud! There were quite a few screams at first, but we managed to get out of there with each other’s help in the end.

A big thank you to Emily, one of the young people, who came along to support us. She washed our eyes out with water from her water bottle once we found our way out. We were soaking wet, completely covered in mud and were beginning to attract the flies…. But lots of fun and laughter along the way was had and we all felt very proud of ourselves at the end. More importantly, the Swiisettes have raised up to £700 so far! The money we raised will go towards cancer research.

Well done to the Swiisettes who all hope to do it again next year!

A big thank you to those who came along to support the Swiisettes. Also, a big thank you to Nigel, one of our foster carers, who looked after everybody’s bags.

Last, but not least The Swiisettes would like to say a special ‘Thank you’ to all that sponsored us on our Race for Life.