Alison, one of our placement support workers, has shared a lovely story about how fostering has allowed a young person to thrive and achieve.


Chocolate for saying goodbye


An emotional day today of saying goodbye, but at the same time feeling ever so proud.

I began working with a young person six years ago. They came to live with a couple who foster for us. Next week the young person turns 18.

The foster carers have decided to retire from fostering, but the young person is going to continue living with them. They are very much part of their family.

I have enjoyed many good days out with this person and have seen them grow over the past six years. I am so proud of the achievements this young person has made and wish them all the luck and success for the future.

We had already had a conversation about emotions, so I held it together when the young person, who told me not to cry, presented me with a chocolate medal. The young person told me to never to eat it. I will treasure it always.

This story is one of many that demonstrate how a loving foster home can transform a young person’s life through positive outcomes. In this case, the young person has become such a part of the family, they are staying with the carers. This stability has allowed the young person to thrive and achieve things they may not have otherwise.