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This is our Fostering Story

Jaqui and Andrew have been Swiis Foster Carers since 2012. They have been looking after two teenage sisters for the last 3 and a half years. Jaqui shares her fostering journey.

Their fostering journey in numbers

The word ‘rewarding’ is used so much in fostering but it really is!

“A good friend of mine was a foster carer and I would help to babysit occasionally, it seemed like such a rewarding job. At this point, I was very successful in my job as a regional branch manager for Leeds Building Society but after considering fostering, my job didn’t seem as interesting anymore. I knew it would be a lovely change to do something worthwhile, so I resigned and became a full-time foster carer in 2012.

My husband Andrew, an IT Manager, and our birth children were extremely supportive of this choice which was important as my children were still living at home at this point.
We offered respite care initially to make sure fostering was for us. We spent a couple of weeks looking after a toddler who was very cute but very naughty! Seeing his smile while we cared for him just made it so worth it.

We have been looking after two sisters for over three years now and it’s been incredible to see the enormous change in both girls. The word ‘rewarding’ is used so much in fostering but it really is! This year, the girls made me a Mother’s Day memory book full of photos and experiences we’ve had together which meant everything.

We have taken the girls on holiday and they said they would never have been abroad or on an aeroplane if it wasn’t for us. It gives us a sense of achievement to have impacted their lives in such a positive way; I love that we have given them new experiences.
I would say to those considering fostering to definitely do it. It isn’t easy but you get so much out of it. It makes you more resilient and I’ve learnt so much from it. Fostering changes your life and others in a very good way. I hope to look after many more children in the future.”

If Jaqui and Andrew’s fostering story has inspired you, speak to someone in our team about becoming a foster carer. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have – big or small!

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