Hi, we are Fiona and Alistair

This is our fostering story

Fiona & Alistair started fostering with Swiis in 2012. Fiona shares some of her personal fostering stories.

Their fostering journey in numbers

He developed into a wonderful, lively little character who was loved by all

“Alistair and I have been fostering for 6 years and during this time we have moved 4 children onto adoption. Our first little girl, came to us at 6 weeks old. Our first real placement and what a joy. She was not without her issues but we looked after her and cared for her until 2 weeks after her first birthday when she went to her ‘forever family’. As our first experience of moving a child on it was emotional but she now has a loving, caring family. We are still in contact with them and we see her at least once a year usually around her birthday. Her mum sends photos and emails to keep us in touch.
We then collected our second foster child from hospital at 5 days old. His birth mum placed him in a cot and walked away. We brought him home and cared for him like our own. He reached all his milestones as expected and was a joy and a pleasure to look after. He developed into a wonderful, lively little character who was loved by all. At 15 months he was adopted by a lovely couple. During introductions it was very clear he was a very happy little boy and it was a great match.

We see him about 3 times a year and his mum is always in touch, she sends photos and emails regularly. He always makes us Christmas cards and decorations for the tree which we cherish. He knows who we are and his mummy and daddy have explained to him his background. I’m sure somewhere in his mind he recalls things around the house and I still sing his favourite song and he looks at me as if he remembers.

Another little boy came to stay with us aged 11 months and he was a very quiet little boy who needed lots of stimulation. Very quickly he found his voice and started to walk. We felt he did not speak as he should so we attended speech therapy with him. It was decided lack of early stimulation was his issue. He did not like to be held or cuddled, but would instead come towards you backwards and self soothe. With lots of patience and nurturing we helped him to start to overcome these issues and 14 months later he was found an adoptive family. He was not an easy little boy but we gave him lots of love and encouragement which helped him move on. His new mum thanks us on a regular basis for all we have done.”

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