At Swiis, we believe it’s important to recognise the dedication of our carers and the valuable work they do. A recent presentation in Manchester saw some of our long-term foster carers being awarded with certificates and flowers to thank them for everything they do.

We asked our foster carers – pictured below with our Registered Manager Vicci Jones – to tell us about the most rewarding and challenging aspects of fostering. Here’s what they told us:

Kirsten and Mike – 15 years

“Fostering has been up and down for us. The young people on long-term placement feel like a part of your family. One young person is now 18, in college and staying put. The other person is really talented in dance and has performed all over the world. A recent short-term placement has been a breath of fresh air for us; he is doing things he has never had the opportunity to do, like go on a foreign holiday, which he is helping organise.”

Al Khalifa & Humera  – 5 years

“Fostering is incredibly rewarding and hard work – we’re getting to the teenager stage now! We certainly could not have done this without the support of all the staff at Swiis.”

Michelle – 10 yearsManchester Carer Presentations

“Fostering is certainly rewarding and challenging. I’ve had 19 young people placed with me in my 10 years. I enjoy giving new opportunities to young people and sharing these opportunities with them.”

Gaynor – 15 years

“I’ve had some tough placements and lots of great ones. While I feel I’m too old to go long term now, I’ve moved children onto adoptive families, which is really rewarding as you get to hear how well the children are doing.”

Anne – 15 years

“My current placement has been with me 6 years – he will be 19 years of age next month. He’s staying put with me and in this time he’s been able to turn his life around. He has gone to college, got a partner and a job, and recently been on holiday to Zante in Greece. I feel really supported by Swiis – they are always there when needed.”

Linda and Mark – 5 years

“The challenges and progress of all the children are rewards. Fostering is life changing and gives children opportunities. One young person had hardly been to school for years when they came to live with us, now they are off to University.”

Thank you to every single one of our Manchester foster carers! If their stories have inspired you, get in touch to find out more about fostering.