Making a difference: sometimes a young person does something that makes you stop in your tracks for all the right reasons.

One day this week during a placement support session, I took two young people out for a fun-filled day of outdoor activities and lots of fresh air.

On the journey back, the two young people wanted to write and draw so I gave them a notepad and pen each. They often draw pictures of our days out together and write about what we have done.

When we arrived back at the carers, one of them remained in my car and was smiling at me. I asked if they were getting out, and they said that they were waiting for me to get out as they wanted to put something on my seat. I got out and the young person reached over to put some folded pieces of paper on my seat. The young person asked me not to read them until I got home. I told the young person that I would wait until I got home, and that I look forward to reading what they’ve written.

When I returned home, I read what the young person had left on my seat. There were two pieces of paper which they had made into a card. On the front of one of them was my name, stating that I was great. On the inside the young person had written about our day out together, saying: “It was so fun, thanks Alison”.

The second piece of paper brought a tear to my eye. The young person had written: “Thank you for finding me a lovely foster mum and dad. You’re the best – really thanks. You’re awesome!”

At times fostering can be a roller coaster of emotions, but when you receive something like this there are no words.

By: Alison Strodder-Murphy, Placement Support Worker