During a placement support session last week, I had a visit to an enchanted forest with two of our foster children. The forest was very magical and we even got to meet a real witch!

We slowly walked around the forest, looking and listening to everything that surrounded us – there were so many different things to see and hear. We stood for a while looking at a unicorn when one of the children whispered “The unicorn is magical”.

We made sure to stop off at all the play parks on the way around where the children enjoyed swinging on the swings. I was doing such a great job of pushing the swings for the two children that eight other children came to join in the fun. I went from pushing two swings to suddenly pushing ten – with choruses of “faster” “faster” ringing out! Everyone had lots of laughter and fun – and my arms are still recovering!

Next, we came across a mermaid, which one of the children was very fascinated by as it is her wish to become a ‘real’ mermaid!

On the way home we chatted about what had been the best thing we had seen on our visit. Our aspiring mermaid said: “I liked seeing the mermaid and listening to her singing. She was amazing because her singing was fantastic”!

We also took lots of lovely pictures to make sure we had a reminder of our great day out!

By: Alison Strodder-Murphy, Leeds and Yorkshire Placement Support Worker