Vasstel, our young people’s group for our Leeds Yorkshire office, have produced their own song about fostering called ‘Life Changes’. The idea came about during a Vasstel session, where the group discussed how they could be involved in recruiting more foster carers. After various discussions, they came up with the idea of doing a rap. Have a listen to the track below.

Swiis Vasstel create music


At the next group meeting, they discussed the lyrics. Each member talked about what fostering means to them and after a while, the group had completed the rap. It was decided that one of the members should sing the chorus due to their fabulous singing voice. All the lyrics mean something to the members and are personal to them, from holidays to the cookies and milk they receive before going to bed.

Alison Strodder-Murphy, placement support worker, booked a recording session during the spring bank holiday for the group at Factory St. Studios in Bradford.

The young people discussed their rap and decided they would like to do it against music rather than a cappella. They come up with a backing track that they were all happy with. The group then had a photo shoot done for the front cover of their CD. They all looked like superstars!

After the photo shoot, it was time to go into the recording studio. Alex from the studio, helped, supported and encouraged the young people in recording their track. It is a very daunting experience and created nerves, excitement and a whole mixture of emotions. The group worked really well together – they supported and encouraged each other and finally the track was made.

A few extra lyrics were changed and added. Unfortunately, one of the members was not able to attend due to GCSE revision, but some of the lyrics they put together were in the track.

The team at Swiis Leeds Yorkshire are so proud of what the young people in Vasstel have achieved.

Thank you to Alex and James at Factory St. Studios in Bradford – Alex for your patience and encouragement in producing the track, and James for the fabulous photographs for the young people to treasure always.

For anyone reading this and are considering becoming foster carers please take the time to listen to the track. One of the young people said: “We want to encourage more people to become foster carers for kids who need them, therefore we are making this rap to help”.

You can listen to the track below.