The Swiis Bristol Social Work Team write a powerful letter to support Foster Care Fortnight.

Swiis Bristol Team Photo“If you were to visit our office and talk with our team, you would hear stories of determination, achievement and patience, with a good dollop of humour thrown in. Ask the team to write something for all to read online and it suddenly becomes very quiet. But if we were to write something, we would say…

We do our jobs with the children in our minds always. We support, supervise, educate, laugh, and learn with our Foster Carers. We are continually amazed at our Foster Carers’ capacity for growth, reflection and care when under challenging circumstances. There is no switching off for them, but they find a way to keep going. They find humour during the trickier times and appreciate that even the small achievements are huge triumphs.

We love our job, we meet so many unique families redefining the word ‘normal.’

So, this is a huge thank you to our Foster Carers. You may say you cannot take credit for the changes in your foster child’s life, but without your patience and acceptance, the conditions would just not be right for that child to grow.”

The Bristol Social Work Team