On Saturday 24th February, three members of Vasstel, the Leeds Yorkshire young people’s group, along with Placement Support Worker Alison, visited Swiis staff and young people in Durham and Newcastle in a venue close to the Swiis Durham office.a proper brew

The purpose of our visit was for them to talk about Vasstel, and offer guidance for the North East setting up their own group. We were welcomed by Director of Operations Paul Jamieson and Registered Manager Kathryn Mooney. They introduced everyone to us, and treated us to a Geordie cup of tea.

Our young people talked about how their group was set up, how they chose the name and what their group name means. They talked about their roles in the group, what they have achieved and the rewards and consequences they set themselves.

Alison said: “I could sense they all felt daunted when they walked in and saw the amount of people present. They were marvellous, especially talking to such a big group of people they had never met before. The three of them should feel ever so proud of themselves.”

Paul said: “I was very proud to be part of the day in Durham. The children and young people who attended were all excellent visionaries and came up with some excellent ideas. I was delighted to see members of Vasstel who set off early on a Saturday morning from Leeds to share their success stories. They are now all honorary Geordies!”

At the end of the session, Paul presented the Vasstel members with a Geordie mug each. They all really appreciated the gift.

“When we were leaving, a young person came over and thanked each of them for coming. The young person shook their hands and told them it was nice to meet them. This moment made us all smile. Sometimes it is the smallest gestures in life that we remember and treasure,” Alison added.

The members of Vasstel wish everyone in the North East office the best of luck and in starting their group.