The Swiis Leeds office would like to thank the Swiis young people’s group with the organisation of the Leeds Christmas Party!

Unfortunately, not everybody could get to the party due to a major traffic incident which caused long delays. For those that did make it a good time was had by all!

The young people got up on stage demonstrating to us all the right dance moves to tunes. The carers then had to dance to the ‘cha-cha slide’ song. The young people then decided on who they thought should win a prize of a Chocolate Santa. Top marks to all the foster carers who joined in with this.The young people organised a game of pass the parcel with the younger children and ensured everybody felt involved in the party throughout the evening.

We observed everybody chatting, smiling, relaxed, laughing, dancing, eating and playing.

Even though December is a busy time for Santa he was able to make time to visit everybody at the party. The young people helped Santa in giving out presents at the party. He even had the time to give a letter to a little boy who had only written to him the day before.

A big thank you to the young people’s group of Leeds, Doncaster for making the Christmas party a great success.

We are looking forward to the next one already!!!

Swiis Foster Care prides itself on achieving positive outcomes for some of the most vulnerable and complex young people.