Having animals in your home doesn’t exclude you from being a foster carer, in fact it can help young people learn about being responsible and also be a calming influence on them.

Learning to care for cats

We recently went with a group of foster carers and young people to an RSPCA centre in Yorkshire to learn about how to care for and look after animals.

The first part of our tour was an interesting presentation on the RSPCA itself, including the work that the centre does and the animals they care for and re-home.

We then learned some very important lessons about caring for animals and the harmful effects of dropping litter – a valuable lesson for everyone in the group.

The young people then asked some very relevant questions about the animals, showing a genuine interest. They all got a badge and enjoyed some drinks and biscuits.

We then visited the cats! We were allowed into the cat cages to interact with the cats and were taught about the importance of washing hands after handling them. It was a great social experience for the cats who seemed to enjoy their fun time – plus it was fun and calming for us!

After time spent with the cats, we went into the dog training room, where we were visited by two dogs. The group ran around, played ball and all shared turns with the dogs.

Overall, everyone (including the animals) had a fantastic morning and learnt about proper animal care. We all brought along some treats to leave as a donation.