Half-term offers the perfect opportunity for our foster carers and children to all get together. Swiis organise a fun-filled line up of activities across the country and Kristina Werner, one of our lovely Placement Support Workers, tells us all about the lively events that took place in the South in February.able Football at Wookey Hole

On a very rainy day, we met up at Wookey Hole Caves for a tour of the caves and learned all about ‘The Legend of the Witch’ and so much more. Some of the young people really enjoyed being creative and taking their own pictures of the illuminated caves. We then split into two groups with some going to watch ‘Ice Age 4’ at the 4D cinema while the rest of the group headed to one of the restaurants to warm up and enjoy a hot chocolate. We all came together later for lunch and a catch-up to fill everyone in on what we had got up to in our groups.

During our catch-up, one of the children shared a funny story about his last visit to Wookey Hole. This made everyone laugh out loud, and showed what a fantastic storyteller this young person is. Following this, we ventured to the Mirror Maze. This made some of us a little dizzy, but we enjoyed the different mirrors and their effects. Before we left, we played in the penny arcade, trying the original Edwardian arcade machines games with real old pennies. Some of the games were a bit challenging, but the young people persevered. Bowling in London

Our second day-trip took place in London, where we found our competitive streaks by visiting a bowling alley. We split everyone into three teams to encourage people to meet new people and support each other. We went on to see a lot of strikes and every player trying their best to help their team win. One young person from Eritrea commented on how much he enjoyed meeting another young person from his country and making a new friend.

After the game, we enjoyed a snack in the restaurant and discussed what we would like for our next activity. At Swiis, we feel it’s important to get our children, young people and foster carers involved in the decision making. After a lot of discussion, it was decided that a boat ride was the favourite amongst the group. We will get planning on that and look forward to seeing you all then.