During the recent half term, a group from our Bristol office had a fun and active day playing crazy golf at a beautiful facility in Bath. It had been pouring all morning, but the rain kindly stopped just as we arrived. Everyone did really well playing on the 18-hole course. There were rushing waterways and waterfalls, and we only lost a ball once or twice in the bushes and the pond. Luckily, they were brightly coloured and easy to spot! To finish off the day, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of finger food in the park before heading home.

Crazy Golf for Swiis Bristol young people


For our second activity, we went to Marwell Zoo in Winchester, where we had the chance to see lots of animals such as tigers, penguins and zebras. It was a gorgeous spring day, and we all enjoyed our day out. Some of the animals stayed in the shade and were difficult to spot, but the monkeys, meerkats and birds were all out and active. The ants were especially productive, and we watched them work non-stop. We also spent time in one of the many playgrounds at the zoo and had our lunch outside. At the end of our visit everyone enjoyed an ice cream,  the perfect ending to a wonderful day spent in the sun.