The end of the school year means we get to hear about how fantastically our children and young people have been performing at school. We wanted to highlight three we received in the Swiis South Region, which shows just how well these young people are performing in their schools.

Glowing School Reports for Swiis South Region

“A works above national average in most of her subjects; excellent effort and behaviour; a polite, cheerful, reliable and helpful student; attended Glee and cookery clubs and is looking forward to her Glee club performance.”

“K is a sweet-natured, kind and helpful girl; she’s trying hard to improve her independent learning and wrote a wonderful reflection on her progress, particularly highlighting how she’s started making good friends at her school.”

“J is trying hard to focus in lessons; described as a cheerful, outgoing and friendly student; motivated to work towards his Year 8 goals and attended film and cookery club.”

Well done to these three South Region young people for these glowing reports!

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