One of our young people has written a great piece about a recent fun and active trip the Swiis Manchester and Lancashire ‘Forward Together Group’ took to Rivington Pike near Bolton. They were accompanied by Charlie, a Placement Support Worker and Lesley, a Supervising Social Worker.

“On the first of April, me and some other children went with Charlie and Lesley on a hike up the pike. At first, I thought it would be a bit boring, but actually it was really fun, exciting and adventurous.

We met up at Curley’s fishery and waited until everyone had arrived before Lesley took a photo of us and then we set off. As we set off, there was a row of terraced houses and that’s where it starts. We started to pick our dream houses,

We then went up a short hill, which led up to a huge lake, where some people were fishing. When we went past them, someone had just caught a bronzy, red coloured fish.

Next, we suddenly walked up this huge glen/hill. It was very pretty, with lots of flowers and trees. We them stopped for a little rest and snack. Charlie had bought chocolate for us to share. When we had eaten our fill, we set off again.

Then we had to stop again to look at all the cute, little lambs. We then go up a little hill and split up; one group went up the muddy part (including me), while the other group headed up the path. My group got up first and won a chocolate egg. That’s it! We had completed it up to the top of Rivington Pike.

All I can say about the journey down is that there was a lot of jumping in muddy puddles, mostly me, but we dashed back down to Curley’s fishery.

That wasn’t the end – Lesley took another photo of us to see what we looked like at the end.”