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Becoming a foster carer is a life-changing experience. We appreciate it’s a big decision to make and we are here to provide exceptional support with a dedicated team of specialists that provide the following support services:


Our specialist health advisers are qualified nurses and ensure any health issues are identified early in the placement and appropriate support is provided. Our carers are reassured by the fact their health advisers are qualified to manage even the most complex health needs to enable relevant intervention.


Each local team is supported by education experts, health advisers and placement support workers, who work closely with children, young people and carers to understand their individual needs.

96.2%of Swiis cared-for children attend school more than 90% of the time

Our specialists work with children or young people to support them with any issues they may face in their education. Education caseworkers and health advisers also play a key role in foster carer training, ensuring they have all the necessary resources available to meet children’s needs.

Supervising social workers

Our team of experienced supervising social workers provide 24/7 support to carers. Our carer/social worker ratio is significantly lower than other fostering agencies, enabling social workers to devote more time to each carer.

24/7 support from experienced social workers

They assist carers on a day-to-day basis and liaise closely with Local Authority social workers responsible for the child, as well as other professionals.

Placement support workers

Our placement support workers are available to offer practical help, whether it’s accompanying children and carers to appointments, providing assistance with transport or taking young people out for activities or one-to-one work.

Be part of our community of carers

As fully qualified staff with specialist skills, our placement workers offer a flexible combination of practical and emotional support to children, young people, carers and families to ensure they thrive on their journey together.

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