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Our services


We provide a full range of short-term, long-term or respite foster placements for children and young people aged from 0-21 years.

Our carers benefit from comprehensive training both pre and post approval and our thorough, competence based assessment process helps to ensure the best possible matches.

96.5%placement stability over six years

The following placements are available:

  • Short-term / task centred placements, working towards specific goals. These may include assessment placements, bridging and preparation for adoption, permanency or placements which meet other specific care plan objectives.
  • Planned longer-term placements for individual children or young people and sibling groups. Carers are available who are able to make a longer-term commitment and offer stability for young people until they are in a position to become independent.
  • Sibling placements are also available as we recognise the importance of keeping families together. We have carers who can provide the right space, skills and energy to meet the demands of these placements.
  • Parent and child placements are provided with carers who have experience and a particular interest in helping young people to develop their parenting skills and can offer assessment and monitoring as required.
  • Placements for children with disabilities are offered on a full time or respite basis. Our team identifies carers with the skills and experience to meet this particular need and we also provide additional training where necessary.
  • Short break and respite placements are available to support children’s current placements, providing respite for birth families or a ‘home base’ for children attending residential schools.
  • Unplanned, short notice or emergency placements may also be available, including the possibility of placements for asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors or other specialist placements.We know that each placement brings its own unique opportunities and we take great care to develop structured programmes to support children, young people and their carers each step of the way.

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