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Project Description

Chrissie and Richard’s story, Bristol

We thought about fostering for a long time over the many years but with a large family and the commitment that that requires, we didn’t think we could spread ourselves any thinner. So when we had space, a tool kit of skills, experience, medals earned through patience, some naivety and the last of our collective energy, we thought we were ready. We wanted to give a child the opportunity to feel safe, trusted and develop as a person with self-esteem; to hopefully be part of their healing.

The journey and training has been eye-opening and vital as the realisation dawned on us how professional and responsible the role we would be undertaking was. Our belief that we were doing the right thing kept us going however daunting the assessment process felt, (I have a colourful past). With five children of our own, and a collective age of 113, we are still not too old to learn and make mistakes. However, Swiis is always there to help, not to judge but advise and support.

So we opened our doors, fridge, larder and our wonderful supporting circle of family and friends and took in James*. Embarking on a rollercoaster of a ride full of fun, frustration and what we hope will be a brighter future for him.

Please noteall names have been changed and photos are not real people, but staged scenarios for publicity / advertising purposes.

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