During the Easter holidays, staff and young people from our South England office held two fun and active participation events. Both were at a Clip ‘N Climb centre where carers and young people could try out different climbing challenges.

At Clip ‘N Climb Exeter, three carers and three young people joined us for a session. Two young people tried breaking one of the centre’s records on the ‘Speed Wall’, which currently stands at five seconds. They came very close, managing to get to the top in only twelve seconds!

One young person stated he was afraid of heights before the session. However, he ended up trying every challenge and showing some amazing climbing skills. One young person and one carer even tried the most daunting challenge, the ‘Leap of Faith’, where climbers have to scale a large pole to a high point in the arena, then walk the plank before leaping out into space to catch a trapeze. We found it hard to watch from the balcony!

At Clip ‘N Climb Chelsea four carers and eight young people came along. All the young people tried out the challenges, with  the ‘Vertical Drop Slide’ proving the most popular. Two young people raced up a few walls, and one young person braved the ‘Leap of Faith’.

Everyone watching was very impressed, and all the climbers commented on how much fun they had. One young person said she had been a little nervous about the climbing at first, but then tried out most of the challenges and was glad she had given it a try!

Thank you to everyone for coming along to our Easter events.