The summer holidays are a chance for our young people to spend some time together during participation events. In the Swiis Leeds Yorkshire Office, it was a time to use our imagination! Placement Support Worker, Alison tells us all about their participation day when the children and young people got creative.

Creativity and Imagination in Yorkshire

“Members of Vasstel, our young people’s group have been using their imagination to get creative during our latest meet-up. To help us begin, we started with a story. We were lost in the ocean, each in our own boat. As the story progressed, we all drifted apart and found ourselves on our island. Now it was time to get creative! The aim was to sculpt an island using foil and get creative about what you wanted from that island.

“Each young person named their island, chose who lived on their island and made up their own rules. They had a great time thinking about every aspect of their island and showed what talented and creative individuals they are.

“When we had finished, the members of Vasstel presented their islands to the Leeds Yorkshire team and then enjoyed a slice of cake as a reward for their creativity.”

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