Alison, one of our Placement Support Workers, has seen how a young person’s new found confidence with animals shows that fostering can transform a life.

Swiis Yorkshire visit the pigs at a farm

“On a recent day out with a young person, I was amazed at their confidence in handling the animals at a local farm – especially the pig. This confidence has stemmed from a stable foster home, and has also led this young person to grow in other ways.

A pig came trotting over to where we were standing. The young person made pig sounds, and informed me: “I can speak pig language”. The young person reached over and stroked the pig’s ear. The pig grunted, laid down and the young person started to rub the pig’s belly.

The young person made more pig sounds and then the pig made a sound as if replying – it was if they were having a conversation!

I told the young person I was amazed at what I was seeing and hearing. It looked like the pig was smiling. The young person seemed proud and stated they were now friends, taking the pig’s trotter in their hand – the pig was very content with this!

Afterwards, the young person was feeding grass to the goats. The young person’s confidence amazed me again. They told me that they want to work with animals when they are older.”

Alison – Placement Support Worker

A stable foster home can transform a child’s life in the most amazing way – enquire today about becoming a foster carer.