We wanted to share this inspiring story from one of our placement support workers in the North West about how fostering has helped a young person to achieve their goals. Thanks to the support they have received, they are now looking forward to a positive future.

Swiis achievements in the North East

“We had a young person come into foster care with Swiis after they could not live with their birth mother. They had to say goodbye to their younger siblings who were adopted.

The timing was especially difficult, as this was just before they were due to start their final year of high school. With the pressure of GCSE exams, they were struggling emotionally. This was undoubtedly a very difficult time as they had never been in care in their life.

Our amazing Swiis foster carers worked very hard to support the young person through this difficult period and made sure they settled in with them quickly.

The young person aspired to be an accountant. With guidance from their carers, they worked very hard and achieved excellent results in their GCSE exams. As a result, they received a place at the college of their choice and were able to move back home to live with their birth mother.”

If this has inspired you to help a young person find a brighter future, please enquire today about becoming a foster carer with Swiis.