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What is fostering?

what is fostering

What is fostering?

Fostering provides a secure and caring home for children and young people who are unable to live with their parents.

Some children have faced uncertainty in early life and others may have complex needs as a result of experiencing neglect or abuse. Fostering offers the opportunity to make an immeasurable difference to a child’s life.

There are a number of different types of fostering, including:

  • Respite
    For disabled children and children who need regular weekend and holiday placements
  • Short-term
    Providing temporary placements for children and young people until plans for their future are confirmed. This can be emergency (with little advance warning) or planned
  • Long-term
    Where adoption is not an option and the foster carer looks after the child or young person as a member of their family until they are ready to be independent
  • Parent and child
    For young parents who need to learn skills to care for a child
  • Sibling groups
    Providing care for family groups of brothers and sisters who need to stay together.

“Our extended family welcomes all young people into our family environment. We’ve cared for a variety of young people and helped them to cope with many issues in their lives.”
Liz and Rob, Swiis Foster Carers, Darlington 

The fostering journey is incredibly rewarding, but it can be challenging, which is why we are here to provide full support and training every step of the way.

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